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FDC offers in house design for various types of residential projects. FDC specializes and is motivated to take on complex residential projects and various sizes in challenging sloping sites. FDC staff offers a comprehensive look at the entire process from planning, design, construction and value engineering. Our staff includes architects, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers, which provide a detail analysis of the most diligent approach to building in any specific site. FDC understands that each site contains specific site constraints and our team expertise help tackle any of these issues at the conceptual design. Although, FDC competitive advantage over other firms is that we house all the disciplines necessary to successful carryout any complex residential design project. However, we work with may architects and we gladly cooperate to make any project successful and this in turn helps our clients.

Home Repairs , Weatherization and Service:

We offer general home repairs, window and door installations, siding replacement, insulation, floor refinishing, painting and a variety of other home service needs for all seasons.

Room Additions:

Adding on a kitchen, bathroom, or study can be a simple and inexpensive way to improve your home and your way of life. Home additions provide the opportunity to eliminate the small, cramped and intolerable spaces of your home. Whether you’re considering a home addition because you have a growing family, or want to increase the resale value of your house, Daniel’s Home Remodeling can help you thru every step of the process. We specialize in room additions and are capable of handling your addition project from start to finish. We will provide you with our in-house architect, we will work with you to secure building permits and make sure all your additions comply with neighborhood zoning ordinances and restrictions.


Below are some average time frames to keep in mind when considering a room addition:
Blue prints: 6-8 weeks
Construction up to 400 sq ft 1st floor 6-8weeks
Construction up to 1,000 sq ft 1st floor 8-12 wks
2nd story construction- 12-15 wks

Minor Residential Additions & Remodels

What is Plan Check?

Welcome to the Plan Check Section of the Riverside City Planning Department.

“Plan check” is a process in which your building plans are reviewed to make sure they comply with basic safety, engineering and planning rules. We review the design of such things as the structure, plumbing and electrical systems to make sure they are safe and properly designed. We also look at other items, like building setbacks, heights and lot coverage to see that the construction is compatible with the neighborhood.

This brochure covers what is known as

OVER -THE – COUNTER RESIDENTIAL PLAN CHECK, a process for all minor residential remodels and additions.

What May be Approved Over the Counter?

Generally, most residential construction and alteration of the following types can be approved over-the-counter:

  • Small ground floor room additions
  • Minor interior alterations, including electric & plumbing
  • Garage conversions & carports
  • Patio covers
  • Small accessory buildings
  • Pools & spas

What May Not Be Approved Over-the-Counter?

Large additions, work above the first floor and additions or remodels that affect basic structural elements may require a “full plan check”. We can determine this based upon preliminary plans or an accurate description of the proposed work.

What Must I Submit?

Four complete sets of plans, consisting of construction drawings and a site plan

One additional site plan

What Must My Drawings Include?

The SITE PLAN must include:

An accurate depiction of the entire property, showing property lines, dimensions, outlines of all existing buildings, driveways, walls, fences, pools, etc.

  • A NORTH arrow and drawing scale
  • Property line setbacks for existing and proposed structures
  • The assessor parcel number
  • Name, address and phone number of property owner

NOTE: If you have difficulty obtaining an accurate site plan, you may want to contact the Public Works Department. They can provide you a computer generated site plan of your property for a small fee.


  • Foundation or footings plan
  • Detailed floor plans
  • Construction plan appropriate for the proposed structure

For new room additions, obtain a detailed handout available from the Building & Safety Division.

We encourage you to have your plans drawn by a professional, who is familiar with building and zoning codes. Unclear or incomplete plans will cause delays in approval of your project. Separate handouts are also available from the Building and Safety Division on a variety of topics, including room additions and patio covers. The patio cover handout includes spaces to provide needed data on the sizes and spans of structural members and should be submitted with a patio cover permit request.

What Happens During the Review of My Plans?

We will check your plans for compliance with Planning, Building and Fire regulations. We will make every effort to complete this check and note any corrections while you wait. If more involved corrections are needed, you may have to come back later for a recheck.

How Long Does it Take?

If your plans are complete, processing can usually be done the same day you submit your plans.

How Do I Get My Permit and How Long is it Good For?

Once your plans have been approved, the Building and Safety Division can issue a permit and collect the permit fee. A building permit is normally issued to your licensed contractor, but if you plan to do the construction yourself, you may obtain the permit as an “owner-builder”. For more details on this, see our handout entitled “Building Permit and Inspection Information”. After a permit is issued, construction must begin within 180 days and inspections must be called at least every 180 days thereafter. Extensions are available when warranted by special circumstances. See our handout entitled “When to Call for Inspections” for more information on inspections.

For more information contact the City of Riverside Planning Department

3rd Floor, City Hall

3900 Main Street, Riverside, CA 92522

Planning Division: (909) 826-5371

Building Division: (909) 826-5697

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