About Us

FDC Construction was established in early 2005 by 27-year-old Hector Moreno and Fabio Hernandez. Mr. Moreno and Mr. Hernandez graduated as civil engineers both with different background and decided to synergize their engineering experience to the construction process to eventually provide a full construction firm complemented to their architectural and engineering design experience.

Mr. Hernandez began his career as an engineer overseas, and earned his promotion as Chief Cost Estimator for the Bid Preparation Department for the multinational firm SADE. Mr. Hernandez as Chief Estimator at SADE helped the company to be awarded multi-million dollar construction projects including installation of gas pipe lines, oil pipe lines, and power plants in various regions of Colombia.

Mr. Moreno also began his career as an engineer for AECOM a multinational design and construction firm. Mr. Moreno was heavily involved in the design of major transportation projects such as structural bridges. Mr. Moreno’s bridge experience consisted of complete design and layout of construction drawings for various types of bridges, conventional, post-tension and pre-stressed.

Both Mr. Hernandez and Mr. Moreno’s dream was to start their own design and construction company in San Bernardino California.  When planning FDC Construction, both engineers wished to understand the practical construction constraints and cost benefits applied to improved design concepts and to become a strong proponent of the “green” concept and committed to launch FDC Construction in the forefront of protecting the environment by green design.
Today, FDC Construction prospers with a staff that is highly educated, skilled, gracious and honest.  FDC strives to be cognizant of the world which we all live, by promoting products which are renewable and sustainable. FDC remains authentic and rooted to its beginnings by adhering to these basic principles and beliefs.
FDC your vision is our commitment.

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