Welcome to FDC Construction!
We offer a full line of construction services, specializing in residential and commercial projects. Our residential construction team is involved in projects such as new single family construction to multiple family apartment buildings. We also are heavily involved in remodeling and restoration for residential projects in San Bernardino and Riverside County in Southern California.

At FDC we are passionate about our work and we enjoy the design and finally construction process. We have the support of engineers and architects to help with the increasing technical issues of construction such water quality and environmental concerns.   We pay attention to detail and we believe that details are the most important in construction.  Finally, at FDC we appreciate the good things our customers say about their experiences working with FDC and enjoy building long-term relationships with people all over San Bernardino and Riverside area and California.

We provide free estimates with construction plans and consultation to find out if we are a match for you. We look forward to establishing a relationship for you current and your future construction projects.

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